This is a complete overhaul of my old website, moving it from (embarassingly aged) wordpress into a static site built with jekyll. Along the way I’ve done some navel-gazing and updated the structure of the site from its original 2008 design into something that better represents my current interests.

The old site only haphazardly incorporated the interests that I’ve (re-)developed since being at JHU in computational semantics and in using large-scale data in linguistics, and it had a structure that was overly focused on my dissertation research. (Natural, given that I designed it right after writing my dissertation – but that was 12(!) years ago.) It also, despite the use of wordpress, wasn’t all that easy to update or customize.

One big change in this site is that all bibliographical material is generated automatically from a single .bib file using jekyll-scholar and a custom variant of the glossa CSL style. Needless to say this makes it almost too easy to fling self-citations all over the place, but it will hopefully make many aspects of the website more consistent and usable as well. This required some customization, and I have a bunch of exciting web-bibliography projects that will take this further, so feel free to ask me about the details if you are interested in a similar setup.